Our leater

The quality and beauty of leather depends on a number of elements, including: animal welfare, top class skin, expert and craftsmanship of the leather tanners. All our leather goods and leather are carefully selected on the basis of quality and animal welfare. These come straight from the best leather tanners in Istanbul, Turkey. Our leather tanners have raw calfskins and expertly prepare them in Oblac's unique colours.

Leersoort Oblac

Natural product

Leather is a natural product that breathes and has natural elasticity. We only use top quality leather. The quality of our leather cannot be compared to artificial leather or other synthetic leather replacements. One of the consequences, for example, is that leather, as a natural product, easily lets moisture through. This natural side effect can be seen in the small changes in colour during prolonged use. Small colour differences, light markings or scratches are therefore not errors. Please keep in mind that our leather goods do not have any defects, but are exactly as nature intended them to be; perfectly imperfect.


To make the leather look optimal and to protect its appearance, it is important to treat it with care. Avoid that the leather gets wet, especially in the first month of use. After a month, the leather becomes more flexible and better at repelling water drops. Keep the leather away from heat and in any case never blow dry, even if it has got wet. Try to clean the product occasionally. For example, apply oil or cream to the leather. To keep your leather goods in top condition, you can occasionally wax them with Oblac's leather balm.

We also recommend the following care guidelines to keep your purchase natural and beautiful:

- Avoid extended contact with sunlight. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause the colour of the leather to fade. This is especially important for light coloured leather. 

- Protect your products against heat and humidity. 

- Do not bring the leather into contact with rough surfaces and avoid scratches.

- Do not bring the leather in contact with perfume, make-up, cream and other cosmetics products. 

- Avoid contact with coloured magazines or other articles. This applies especially to smaller leather goods.