At Oblac we pride ourselves on being able to personalize your leather products. We offer the personalization by monogram or laser engraving. By personalizing your order or product, you can really make it your own! 


With the monogram personalization you can have a maximum of 5 letters printed on your order. All our monogram personalisations are done in our own workshop. For this we use a high quality thermoform machine. Each personalized product is hand stamped by our experienced craftsmen. At the moment monogram personalisation is only available for selected products.

Please note: For phone cases, the monogram is printed in the middel of the backcover as standard. For other product, the monogram position is located in the upper right corner of the leather product.

Monogram graveren Oblac

Laser engraving

Laser engraving allows you to add an even more personalized design to your product. You get the choice to add a text (without limit). If you would like to have an image and/or logo engraved, you can currently only send us a request by e-mail. We will then evaluate as soon as possible whether your image or logo is suitable for laser engraving. The laser permanently works out the requested design on the leather. Do not use portraits, colored or real photographs because the details may fade. We will contact you if the text or image is not possible or does not meet our required standards.

Please note: For phone cases, the text/image will be lasered in the middle of the backcover by default. For other products, the laser engraving position is located in the upper right corner of the leather product. 

Lasergravure Oblac

Let op: gepersonaliseerde producten kunnen niet worden geretourneerd.